Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.

Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.

26/26D Stitcher Heads26/26D Head

The 26/26D head is one of the most popular style heads in the world for both OEMs and end users alike. It is used in literally hundreds of collator applications, as well with a host of different stitcher machines.

Capacity: from 2 sheets up to 1/4"
Crown Sizes: 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8"
Wire Sizes: 23-28 round or 21x25 flat
Minimum Head Center: 1-7/8"
Speed: 12,000 stitches per hour

Shipping Dimensions: 10" x 5" x 7" [25cm x 13cm x18cm]
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs. [3.2 kg]

Completely interchangeable with ISP/Interlake/Acme Champion Heads. All round wire heads come standard with our New Stronger Magnetic Swivel.

26/26D Repair Kit
The following is a list of the part numbers and descriptions of the items included in this kit

9009-25 - Driver 1/2"
9012A - Driver Bar Assembly 1/2"
9014 - Latch
9015 - Grip
9019 - Grip Spring
9020 - Grip Spring Retaining Screw
9023 - Grip Retaining Clip
9024 - Grip Retaining Clip Screw
9038M - Magnetic Swivel, 1/2"
9048 - Wire Cutter
9050 - W/C Operating Slide Friction Plug
9051 - W/C Operating Slide Friction Spring
9083 - Clincher Point - Thin, Round
9083A - Clincher Point - Thick, Round
9098 - Tension Pawl
9103 - Wire Straightener Roll
9112 - Bender Bar Friction Plug
9113 - Bender Bar Friction Spring
9124 - Wire Straightener Roll Clip
9134 - Tension Pawl Spring



Head Style Variation
Exploded 26/26D Head
Replacement Parts


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