Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.

Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.




DeLuxe Stitcher

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Bostitch Stitcher CorporationIn 1886 in the town of Arilington, Massachusetts, Thomas Briggs designed a completely new way of binding books together with wire using what later became known as the wire stitcher. Thomas Briggs' company eventually became known as the Boston Wire Stitcher Company.

Over the years, the Boston Wire Stitcher Company solidified its position within the industry and would later be known to millions of people around the globe as Bostitch. it was under the Bostitch name that wire stitching became very popular and touched so many print finishers around the world. To many people, the name Bostitch is synonymous with wire stitching.

DeLuxe Stitcher Company came from humble beginnings. In 1970, they began manufacturing a line of 26 style stitcher head parts providing local customers with readily available spare parts. Within tenyears, DeLuxe Stitcher's inventory expanded to include a wide array of 26/26D and 18D parts and heads. In 1996, DeLuxe Stitcher Company acquired the Graphic Arts division of Stanley/Bostitch combining DeLuxe's history of customer responsiveness and consistent reliability with Bostitch's diverse product range.

ISPToday, the DeLuxe Stitcher Company Inc., located in Chicago, Illinois USA, manufactures a wide range of free standing stitcher machines, stitcher heads and replacement component parts for nearly all makes and models of stitcher machines and heads. With more than 120 years of stitching experience DeLuxe Stitcher and its vast array of local dealers are ready to meet your stitching needs.

In 2010, Deluxe Stitcher added to its product range and global reach with the acquisition of ISP Stitching and Bindery Products. Deluxe will now be uniquely positioned to provide the world’s wire stitcher equipment users with a comprehensive set of solutions. The resulting portfolio will include high quality products for nearly every type of wire stitching application.


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