Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.

Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.

G8 Stitcher HeadsG8 Head

The G8 Head features a side-feed design, eliminating the need for a Swivel, dramatically increasing the reliability of this head and can be used on virtually any stitcher or collator which uses DeLuxe Stitcher, ISP/Interlake, 26 Heads or Hohner 52/8, 55/7 and 48/5 Heads.

Capacity: from 2 sheets up to 5/16"
Crown Sizes: 1/2"
Wire Sizes: 23-28 round and 21x25 flat
Minimum Head Center: 2-3/64"
Speed: 20,000 stitches per hour, 12,000 Loop stitches per hour
Options: Loop and Stop Stitch Kits
Exploded G8 Head

Shipping Dimensions: 21" x 10" x 6" [54cm x 25cm x 16cm]
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs. [5.9 kg]

The side-feed design eliminates the Swivel, wire jamming and dropped stitches.

This head can be used on any stitcher or collator using DeLuxe Stitcher 26/26D, ISP/Interlake/Acme Champion 26 or Magnatek and Hohner 52/8, 55/7 and 48/5 Heads.

User-friendly features include a "snap-out" Wire Tube, a "swing-away" Wire Holder Spring and an on/off Feed Lever.



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