Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.

Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.

M19 Industrial StitcherM19 Stitcher

The M19 is the perfect stitcher for thick work; including business forms, ticket booklets and special applications. This stitcher can accommodate eight different wire sizes without the change of parts.

Capacity: from 2 sheets to 3/4" [20mm] with a G20 Head from 2 sheets to 9/16" [14mm] with a 18D Head Wire
Sizes: 20-28 round or 19x21-1/2, 20x24 and 21x25 flat
* Some wire sizes may require additional parts.
Clinch: moveable clincher for flat stitching
Table: 26" wide heavy duty, 14" throat for flat and saddle work
Speed: 190 stitches per minute

Shipping Dimensions: 30" x 35" x 64" [76cm x 89cm x163cm]
Shipping Weight: 400 lbs. [182 kg] with 18D head, 450 lbs. [204 kg] with G20 head.

Ideally suited for thick work including:
business forms and ticket books
A single adjustment sets the machine for thickness of work.






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